In Medias Res

In medias res.  That is where we are beginning.  In the middle of things.  For several years I have been interested in eating locally.  For many years I have been interested in eating organically.  And, many times I have wondered about the long-term effects of the chemicals and substances that surround us in our homes and in the environment.  Lately, this concern has become more serious and my husband and I are beginning to act upon these concerns.  Several books that we have read have prompted us to make these changes in the way we live, eat, and interact with the world.  Most recently, we have read Slow Death By Rubber Duck:  How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects our Health, by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.  That has prompted us to begin to remove many plastics from our home.  We came back from a trip to Montreal, where I picked up the book, and probably overdid it, by throwing out several bags full of Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers.  We are using canning jars, as well as glass and ceramic bowls to hold food in the refrigerator.  That is really not that difficult.  There is still lots of platic remaining in the house and this is going to be a blog about how we deal with that.  We are also going to document our efforts to eat more locally and more organically but primarily to eat less industrially.


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