Now What?

The initial rush of bagging up cabinets full of plastic (mostly
Tupperware) was kinda cool but the thrill wore off fairly quickly.
Particularly when I got ready to fix my oatmeal for the following
morning (I let it soak in milk overnight as an alternative to cooking)
and did not have a, you guessed it, a container for it.

That was easy enough to fix with a half-pint glass mason jar. What was
less easy to fix is what to do with left over food? Did you know that
baggies are used for more things that just “weed?” I always wondered in
the 60’s why the local A&P did not get busted for selling drug
paraphernalia. I wasn’t in law enforcement so it wasn’t my problem but I
did wonder about it.

We have been using baggies for years (off label I guess) to keep food in
the refrigerator. Now that we aren’t going to use plastic, what do we
do? We both remembered seeing our grandmothers cover stuff in the fridge
with plates over bowls and we have started using that technique. Do have
to attend to what is in the fridge a bit more closely. Covered dishes
don’t lock in the smells the way one of the coffin seal Tupperware boxes do.

Eating “fresh” as in recently cooked food has become quite the rage at
our house due to the new storage method for the fridge. Another benefit
of post-industrial eating.


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