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I’ve missed a few days but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on this thing.  Local supplies of milk are changing.  The guy here in Newton County, Johnston Family Farms, is apparently beginning to supply Whole Foods in Atlanta and therefore not supplying the local outlets that he had been.  Now I am having to rearrange my thinking on that and unfortunately travel farther to get milk.  I hope as the demand increases, more dairies will open and there will be more choices for locally produced food.  It is sad that those of us closest to the source cannot buy the goods here.  Green Livin’ Farms produce stand has cut its hours, mostly because of the time of year I think.  I need to go there next weekend and see what they have as far as fall stuff. 

Thank goodness for Mary and the  Denton Flower Farm CSA.  She brings it right to me.  Last week was wonderful.  Lots of greens already coming in.  I’ve got them in my garden also.  I hope they will continue through the winter.  I fertilized them today with fish emulsion.  My lettuces are looking really good.  They are still pretty small but really pretty colors.  I hope they will all thrive. 











The above picture is where my lettuce is growing now.  This was taken right before I planted it.  The haybales have been not so good.  The summer crop was a complete loss.  I did not keep it watered enough.  I’m hoping the lettuce will do better.  For one thing, we are getting more rain now.  And it is easier for me to get out there when it is not so hot.  I’ll post another picture soon of how it looks now.  You can see the chicken pen in the far background and compost bins nearer to the haybale bed.  I’m hoping that as the hay decomposes and I incorporate more compost into them, they will turn into a really lovely raised bed.


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  1. Posted by Anne on October 12, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Hey, if you let me know when guys are running low on milk I can bring some in from the farm, It’s not that far from where we live.


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