Some Sources of Local Food

Today I want to give you a list of sources of local food in the Covington, Monroe, Conyers area.  We live in an area that has a wealth of healthy food producers.  The only problem is that many of them sell directly to markets in Atlanta and Athens and so those of us here in the country have a harder time getting that produce and meat.  But don’t despair, there are ways to tap into the supply.  What follows is a list of markets, CSA’s and farms that will sell to you.  I have included links to their websites and offer a little explanation of what they do.

Local Harvest

This is a wonderful website.  Just go to the homepage.  Then zoom in to your area on the map and it will give you a list of local farms, CSA’s, markets and restaurants that provide local food for your good eating.  Not only can you get things from your own area but if there are specialty items only grown in certain areas you can order from them and recieve their specialty goods by mail.  I’ve only done that with oranges and they were delicious.

Conyers Locally Grown

In this weekly market, Brady Bala of Oxford does all the hard work for you.  He has gathered up local producers from all over the area and brings their produce to his copy shop on Parker Road in Conyers, every Friday afternoon.  You can go to the website to see what is available from the market.  You must become a member to order.  Then you will receive in your email each week a list of what is available.  Place your order by Tuesday night at 8:00 and then go to Copy Central before 7:00 pm on Friday and pick up your delicious local food.

The Market Conyers

These guys are just getting going, but are striving to bring you local and organic produce as well as some other organic grocery items.  They have milk from Moultrie, produce from Social Circle and other local farmers in the area.  There is also locally baked bread.  They have a really neat store in the old John Deere Tractor place on Hwy. 138.  That’s appropriate somehow. 

Green Livin’ Farms

Unfortunately for the winter, they are only open on Saturday mornings.  They are located near The Hub, between Covington and Social Circle.  Through the summer they had some really good stuff.  Mostly sustainably grown, not certified organic, but they are working toward that.  They don’t have a website, but the number is 678-342-8895.

Hunker Downs

Located in downtown Madison, GA, right next to a really cool bookstore, Dog Ear Books.  During the winter, they are only open from Thursday through Saturday.  They have local meats and milk and produce.  They also have produce from the big Farmer’s Market in Forest Park.  The local meat and milk make it worth the drive.  They both come from Walton County, and are humanely grown. 

Denton Flower Farm

The Denton’s don’t have a website, but they are listed in the Local Harvest map.  They do have a great CSA.  I have been doing that for three years now.  Or is it four?  Anyway, my house is the pick-up spot for folks in Covington.  It is about to come to an end for this year, but get in line to sign up for next year.  Call Mary at 770 464-3900.  Or send her email at  If you have never done a CSA, it is easy.  Mary lets you pay by the month, some ask for the whole year up front.  It usually begins in April or May.  Every week you get a big bag of whatever produce comes from the farm that week.  It allows the farmer to know they have a market for the year and to plan ahead for the things their customers want.  It is kind of like Christmas every week, looking to see what you get.  Then you can find new recipes to go with the produce.  Mary sends out a newsletter each week which often has recipes for the things that are not as commonplace.  She also buys special items that she does not grow from other farmers.  We’ve had lovely apples this fall and lettuce from Crystal Organic farm. 

Next time, the story of the orange bags and some sources for seeds if you want to grow your own.  That’s as local as it gets.





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