After the Procedure.

Carrot Ginger soup

Well, I have had the worst day.  Monday was it.  I could not keep anything down and it was miserable.  But by Tuesday morning all the bad drugs were out of my system and I was feeling much better.  I started on a rehydration campaign, drinking lots of water and juice and getting myself stronger.  Pat got me a malt from Scoops, the local ice cream shop on the square, just a few blocks from our house.  It was lovely.  And, it provided the motivation for me to learn how to drink from a straw with all this stuff in my mouth.  It is not too bad.  One thing that taught me was that I need a lot more of those big fat straws. 

I went back to the doctor yesterday to see how things are going.  She said that it all looked very good and that I don’t have to come back for a couple of weeks.  That’s good.  I have found,  scrounging around on the net looking for guidance, a really good website, “Jaws Wired Shut,”, which gives the culinary adventures of Emily Kornblut during her broken jaw experience last summer.  She has some really good looking recipes on there.  I made one today, the remains of which are shown above waiting in the refrigerator for the next meal.  I had some at lunch, pureed in the blender.  It is called Carrot Ginger Puree.  It is really good. 

I also made up my own breakfast smoothie, based on one I have been using all throughout my weight loss adventure, but with more protein in the peanut butter.  All you do is put 1 container of greek yogurt, about 6 oz, 1/2 cup milk, 1 frozen banana, and 1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter in the blender and whir till smooth.  It has lots of good stuff and is tasty.


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