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Local Food is Everywhere!

Here in Covington, Georgia, the supply of local food has increased dramatically in the past couple of years.  Some new options have sprung up this Spring.  Two new farmer’s markets have opened, one on Saturday mornings in Porterdale at the old train depot and one at the Episcopal church on Clark Street on Wednesday afternoons.  They only have a few farmers, but the quality is exceptional and as more people discover them, the better they will become.  I got herb plants, beets, cabbage and eggs at Porterdale a couple of weeks ago, and this week at the Episcopal Church I got soap, red onions, pattypan squash, pesto, and the first tomatoes of the season.  They were bigger than your average cherry tomato, but not slicers.  They were delicious in a salad.  It is so wonderful to have real tomatoes again.  

The old stand-by’s are still going strong.  Our CSA with Mary Denton of Denton Flower Farm continues on this year.  Had a lovely arugula salad at lunch with her arugula, that red onion from the farmer’s market, some goat cheese from Split Creek Farm, through Conyers Locally Grown and a little Dijon mustard viniagrette.  It was scrumptions.  The little Green Livin’ store on Floyd Street is bursting at the seams.  They always have Johnston Farm milk, and lovely artisan breads.  Now that summer has hit, they have tomatoes, new potatoes, blackberries, squash and corn.  They grow locally and without pesticides so that is good. 

I was very slow starting my garden this year so I do not have any ripe tomatoes.  Tomatoes were terrible last year; I hope they will do well.  So far all the plants except one are healthy and I ripped that one right out.  I’ve got zucchini and cantaloupes, pole beans and okra also.  And of course my usual herbs.  They are right by the back door so that they are convenient.     I’m back on track and eating locally as much as possible.