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Local Eating Becomes the Center…..Again.

We are embarking once more on focusing on eating local, by which I mean anything from the state of Georgia, but the closer to Covington, the better.  We have lots of farmers in our area who grow some amazing organic and Certified Naturally Grown produce.  There are many foods to choose from, dairy, meat, vegetables and fruit that are sustainably and humanely grown.  I’ll add to and update my resources and post recipes and tell you about our progress in this adventure from which I had taken a leave of absence.  I’m ready to be there again.


The first Sungold tomato from our garden.  It was delicious.

The first Sungold tomato from our garden. It was delicious.

My husband brought my garden back to life about 2 1/2 years ago.  We working on making it a source of a large percentage of what we eat.  I don’t think we will ever be able to survive on it for more than a few weeks at a time, but we have farmer friends from whom we can get plenty to supplement what we grow.  I’m excited about embarking on this adventure, once more.  I think our health and our self-sufficiency will be much improved.

The first digging of the potatoes. These are from the first digging of the potatoes.  We are letting most of it go a little longer to get bigger potatoes.  We have roasted them and cooked them with the green beans and made one of my mama’s favorite dishes, parsleyed new potatoes.  All good.  The plan for this week gets finalized this evening.  I’ll be reporting how it goes.