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It’s a 75% World!

The plan, to keep me focused and to make it a challenge, is to eat at least 75% of our food, by weight from local sources.  That starts with our yard and then goes out to local farms which offer CSA’s and even delivery of their goods.  There is a wealth of food grown in our area so most standard vegetables and fruits will not be so hard.  Finding grains locally grown will be a little harder.  Managing cost will be the other challenge.

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As you can see above, our own back yard offers some selection.  Our chickens provide us with eggs.  They have been molting and are just starting to lay again.  We are in the transition to fall and winter gardening.  That can be a slimmer time, but there are still choices to be had.  We have lettuce and greens of all kinds and will be planting onions and garlic next weekend.  We participate in a CSA and also receive veggies from a farmer who takes orders for specific items and delivers those once a week.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  There are other sources available in the area.  I will be updating the links to include some of the new ones.

Yesterday, we managed to do a pretty good job of local eating.  Greens from our garden and cornbread and local sausage for lunch.  We still have a cherry tomato producing and had eggplant, peppers and squash from the CSA, So we are relishing the end of summer with ratatouille, a cherry tomato salad and a little more of that local sausage for supper.

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