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Chicks in the Coop

Tag-team hens and their chicks.

Tag-team hens and their chicks.

It’s spring again and we have baby chicks.  One of the young hens from last summer started setting back in March when it was really cold.  The other hens kept laying in the same nestbox, so there soon got to be too many for one little hen to keep covered.  I didn’t think it would work but then one of the older hens started setting with her to help keep them warm; then another young one joined them.  It was very crowded in there but warm.  We have 4 babies and they have a few more eggs that have not hatched.  I don’t know if anything will come of that, but they have made a valiant effort.  Hope they all turn out to be hens.

Glad to be back.  I have more to share.  So check in with me often.



New Look

Yes, things do look different here.  For some reason, which in my technically challenged state, I do not understand, my old theme got all messed up yesterday.  It may have already been messed up, but I just discovered it yesterday.  So I found a new one which I am getting accustomed to.  I hope you like it also.

We have new chickens in our coop.  The old set had gotten to where they had really cut back on laying and Pat was having problems getting out to take care of them, especially in last winter’s cold.  The rooster hated me, so I was not much help.  We gave them away to a younger couple with more stamina and more chickens right before Christmas.  We got 8 half grown pullets a few weeks ago.  They are getting close to being ready to start laying.  We look in the nest boxes every day.  We will have multi-colored eggs from 3 Wheaten Marans, 3 Ameraucaunas, and 2 Olive Eggers.  Can’t wait!

Some of the new chickens.