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Canning Food

Click for tigress can jam food blog challenge

I just found out about this canning challenge.  Every month a seasonal food will be announced and you will have to find a way to can it. I am going to try and if you are interested in canning, you should try it out also.  There are only a few more days to sign up, so click the button above, check out her blog, send her an email and let her know you want to be part of the fun.

I learned to can at a young age. My mama did it every summer because we had such a large garden and that was what you did back then. I have come back to it this year. As I try to eat more and more locally, I realize that canning and freezing are going to have to be part of that. It’s hard to find a good local tomato in January. I don’t want to eat a fresh one in January but I do want canned, locally grown ones to put in my chili. So I will set aside more time to make that happen.

I do have some concerns about the BPA in the surface of the canning lids. I hope that the Ball people will address that soon. I have written to them and I urge others to write to them also. The link to their contact page is But still with home canning, your food is not in constant contact with that lid surface like it is with the cans from the store.

Tomatoes I canned in the summer, along with a fall pomegranate that just looked pretty with them.

I only have a few jars of tomatoes left from the summer and they are precious to me now.  I only use them after careful consideration.  I also canned some muscadine juice that I am going to use spiced for the the holidays.  I’ll simmer it with spices, just like you would with apple cider.  The muscadines came from my neighbor to the back, so they are even more local than north Georgia apples.   Those apples are less than 100 miles away so they are not too bad either. 

I am going to spend the rest of the winter looking for used canning jars at the Goodwill and at yard sales.  I will need a lot more if I am going to make this work and can even half of the vegetables that we will use in a year.  They are so pretty sitting on the shelf.  I can’t wait to get started.  So bring on that January challenge.  I wonder what lovely winter vegetable it will be.