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I’m Back!

Well, it was a tough summer and I had many distractions and temptations that have kept me away from the blog and away from living a purely local life.  But things are more under control now and I am about to get back to business.  I fell out of the can jam because I just could not get the canning done over the last few months, but I intend to finish out the year.  That is at least I will do the last month of December.  I need to get over to Tigress’ blog and see what has been happening there.

There are even more sources for lots of local foods available around here so we will be taking advantage of those, even through the winter.  That is the beauty of living in the south; there is always something available.  Since I love greens, the winter stuff suits me just fine.  So, I will soon be putting recipes and local food information back up on this site.

I have also rediscovered an old love of mine:  knitting.  It has been my therapy through the hectic and crazy summer and fall.  I’ll be showing off some of the pieces I have made and maybe even posting some of the patterns for those.  So now this will not only be a source of info about local and seasonal food, but also a source of inspiration for creating your own Christmas gifts and garments for your family. 

So hang in there with me.  I’ll be posting regularly, but you’ll never know what it will be.